Packaged Solutions

Amelia Bradley Consulting

Although most businesses have may have similar basic IT requirements however when it comes to the budget / costs most small and medium sized concerns shy away from highly customized and expensive IT solutions. Hosted solutions provide an efficient and inexpensive way of managing your IT requirements. Your do not need to spend heavy on hosted solutions as you only pay in accordance with your usage and that too on a subscription basis.   

Clients also prefer going on to hosted solutions as they get to save on resources they would have needed to utilize otherwise. The resources such as software, hardware, and IT professionals all add up to the costs of maintaining a comprehensive IT department. Even after incurring costs and maintaining your own IT department does not guarantee flawless operations.

Hosted solutions provided by us are highly secure and reliable. There are hardly any chances of data loss or data piracy as all the hosted solutions use various access levels for different users and in addition to encrypted password protections the servers hosting these solutions use SSL. What this means is peace of mind that your data is protected and available 24/7 on secure servers.