HR Audits

Amelia Bradley Consulting

Organizations large or small all need to maintain their HR policies in compliance with the government rules in order to avoid any legal complications. In addition to this a comprehensive HR audit is necessary to evaluate the extent to which the companies HR policies have been adhered to and if the expected results have been attained. Even if the expected results have been below expectations a comprehensive audit can highlight the areas requiring improvement.

A human resource audit can be both internal and external, it may be carried out by the organization’s HR staff or and external consultant. It is however important that whoever conducts the audit should have sufficient knowledge about corporate HR policies and conducting of HR audits.

Audits conducted by us usually involve extensive digging into the how the HR policies affected the areas such as staff recruitment, compensation, administration, employee relationship and general productivity. Since an audit may involve several phases of extracting the information which would give meaningful results to the management as to how effectively the HR policies have been implemented and the variance between the expected and actual results it is not something which could be done over a relatively short span of time. It may involve checking of HR documents, interviewing of HR staff, managers and the employees in general. Another determinant of the length of an HR audit is the size of the organization as well.

A thoroughly conducted audit can help identify critical areas such as correction of problems, expected employee turnover ratios, future job openings and the need for changes in the HR policies.

We at Amelia Bradley have extensive knowledge of conducting HR audits. We maintain checklists to compare the companies existing policies with its current requirements marking areas which have room for improvement.