Risk Assesment

Amelia Bradley Consulting

  Although the methods and techniques of risk assessment vary however in general the following methodology works for most organizations

Hazard Identification
The first step towards risk assessment is to identify all possible hazards, this can be done by either taking a tour of the premises and trying to list down all possible hazards. In addition the staff can also be interviewed for identifying probable hazards.

Hazard Effects
After the hazard identification the second step is to decide how and whom a particular hazard could affect.

Risk Evaluation and Precautions
Once you have evaluated a possible risk you would be in a position to narrate particular precautions for avoiding a particular hazard.

Recording the findings and Implementing Precautionary Measures
In the next phase you have to implement the precautionary measures that you have been able to deduce over the course of your risk evaluation.

Assessment Review and Upgradation
Once you have gone through the preliminary assessment you need to review it and upgrade if necessary.