Fire and Safety Audits

Amelia Bradley Consulting

  Our fire and safety inspectors would visit your premises to assess the quality of fire and safety measures currently incorporated and to evaluate compliance with the legal requirements. Fire and safety audits are not only essential to assess that your organization is following the required standards but also to make sure that the implemented policies are being followed accordingly. In addition we also assess that the staff are sufficiently trained and have the ability to act according to the prescribed procedures in case of simulated or actual emergency situations. Our team of experts may go through the documents and conduct interviews of your staff. They may also want to discuss and scrutinize the following

  •   Fire and safety risk assessment documentation
  •   Action plans related to the risk assessments
  • Action plans charted in case of emergency situation

Details of trainings and drills conducted in relation to fire and safety
  The ability of staff to handle fire fighting equipment
  Evidence and schedule of maintenance of safety equipment
  Verification of the proper working condition of all fire and safety systems
  Making sure that the fire detection and alarm systems are fully functional .


Evidence that a competent authority has tested the elements related to safety have been tested as safe for use such as electric wiring, emergency lighting, sprinkler system and fire fighting equipment.