About Us

Amelia Bradley Consulting

Amelia Bradley provides a variety of services to its customers including consultancy on Fire and Safety, HR Consultancy and IT Services.

We provide solutions that include a variety of training programs to organizations regardless of their magnitude. Our solutions help organizations accomplish their goals in a better and well managed way. Our strength is based on the experience of our team and our commitment to provide our clients with the optimum results. The core philosophy of our consultancy services is based on understanding your organizational requirements and adapting our training programs accordingly. We believe that the outcome of any training solution largely depends on the degree of involvement and clear perception of its participants, which is why we take great care in making sure that all attending actively engage themselves and derive the maximum benefit of any training activity that is being undertaken.

We specialize in helping our customers in the areas of fire and safety, HR consultancy and IT services. We provide risk assessments and fire and safety audits to our clients which are in compliance with the industry standards and cover all legal aspects.

In addition to the fire and safety consultancy we also provide HR consultancy to our clients covering the whole range of services such as audits, employee retention programs and outsource recruitment.

We also provide IT services covering areas of social media marketing, web consultancy, web development, hosted packages and security audits.